About GeneralTex

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL manufactures and delivers custom-made woven labels of the satin, semi-satin (high definition) or taffeta type, customized woven tapes, care labels and sizes, self-adhesive woven labels used in the footwear industry, badge (name tag) lanyards, leather and imitation leather, personalized woven lining fabric for confections or leather goods industry, in a wide range of colors and dimensions (any such label may include up to eight distinct colors).

Given its due expertise going way back as of 2002, GENERAL-TEX SRL is currently holding a significant share on the internal market in the field, collaborating with well reputed companies in the country, as well as with high-rank brands in Europe.

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL has duly qualified personnel within the design department, who are always there at your disposal so as to achieve the label design of your choice, according to the current trend in the field, starting from just any kind of artwork.

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 and our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

The mission of GeneralTex

The production shall be accomplished on a firm order basis (starting from quantities of a couple of hundreds of pieces) and the delivery is to be duly made within 5-10 business days, subject to the quantity being ordered.

Prior to launching an order for manufacturing purposes, one makes some physical samples (on a free of charge basis) according to the models or technical specifications you have forwarded. (such as dimensions, number of colors, type of finishing, weave support, etc).

Labels may be customized subject to each client’s needs, starting from dimensions, colors, weave type and finishing type, and ending with the design which may include a large and diversified number of information (we can work with the client’s design, or we can work together with you and develop the design of a new woven label).

The fees for such woven labels shall be determined subject to the quality one may wish for (satin, semi-satin/high definition, or taffeta), dimensions, number of colors, quality and finishing type, as well as subject to the quantity being ordered.

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL holds on stock a series of polyester threads in over 500 shades of colors; upon due request, we may reproduce any kind of color shade.

The polyester threads used in the textile labels industry are dyed in mass, and this provides for the keeping of the original colors in each single label and of the latter’s material integrity, regardless of how many times the product is to be washed.

The evolution of GeneralTex

After the launch of the company in 2002, through professionalism and dedication we have evolved in the field of woven labels so that we can deliver to the customers products of the highest quality standard.

  • February 2002

    Start Up GeneralTex

    SC GENERAL-TEX SRL starts the production of custom-made woven labels and customized woven tapes.

  • February 2004

    Collaboration wih more than 120 clients

    SC GENERAL-TEX SRL produces and delivers woven labels for 120 companies in Romania and European Union.

  • December 2010

    GeneralTex's turnover doubles

    SC GENERAL-TEX SRL produced over 5.000.000 labels yearly.
    More than 400 companies both in Romania and abroad are in the company's customer portofolio.

  • November 2015

    GeneralTex producing more than 700.000 labels per month

    Starting with this date, GENERAL-TEX SRL production exceeds 700,000 labels per month.

  • August 2018

    GeneralTex accessing European development funds

    In the desire to deliver to customers the highest quality labels and European standards, in August 2018 SC GENERAL-TEX SRL accesses European Development Funds.

  • May 2019

    GeneralTex starts the production of custom-made woven labels of the Satin

    SC GENERAL-TEX SRL begins the production on the new R9500 label weaving machines for custom-made woven satin labels and high-definition "Prestige" labels.