Physical Samples

When placing an order, just before starting the production, we will realize some physical samples (free of charge) as specified in the technical information.


Quick Delivery

Label production is based on a firm order, while the delivery will be made in about 5-10 days, depending on the quantity you ordered.


Fair Pricing

The price of labels is set according to size, number of colors used, quality and finishing type, but also the quantity you ordered.

Who Are We

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL manufactures and delivers custom-made woven labels of the satin, semi-satin (high definition) or taffeta type, customized woven tapes, care labels and sizes, self-adhesive woven labels used in the footwear industry, badge (name tag) lanyards, leather and imitation leather, personalized woven lining fabric for confections or leather goods industry, in a wide range of colors and dimensions (any such label may include up to eight distinct colors).

Given its due expertise going way back as of 2002, GENERAL-TEX SRL is currently holding a significant share on the internal market in the field, collaborating with well reputed companies in the country, as well as with high-rank brands in Europe.

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL has duly qualified personnel within the design department, who are always there at your disposal so as to achieve the label design of your choice, according to the current trend in the field, starting from just any kind of artwork.

S.C. GENERAL-TEX S.R.L. has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 and our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

What Our Clients Say

Here is what our clients say about working with us.

Mihaela Sima


We have been working with GENERAL-TEX SRL for more than 10 years and I appreciate the quality of the products, the promptness and the flexibility with which they treat their clients. I did not have any complaints about the products made, no external client has not made any observation, considering that are very demanding clients. Thanks in this way to the team for the whole collaboration so far and for the many more years that will come.

Szidónia Miklós

Manager Achizitii, Mr. Big Underwear

We have been working with SC General-Tex SRL for more than 10 years and we are very pleased. Our orders arrive in time, the quality of the labels is very good, and the personnel of the company has shown a lot of professionalism and promptness.

I recommend this company!

Catalin Tatu

General Manager, SANODOR SRL

We have been working with the General Tex team since 2012 and we are very pleased. A professional team, very responsive to the client's needs. Our business has grown alongside General Tex, being the first involved in every new project we started. They are anchored to the current realities, we have many short series to be delivered quickly and here the General Tex team excelled. Excellent collaboration on prototypes, prompt delivery times, very good solutions offered to the requests from our customers. Whenever we needed advice in making new models or improving the excellent ones, the General Tex team was with us.


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