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Picture reproduction by laser printing

By help of galvanometric system-based laser technology one can accomplish the transfer of pictures or any other such design on woven or printed ribbons, paper, leather or imitation leather, synthetic or natural materials.

The maximum engraving or laser transfer area is 130x160 mm.

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Our company uses looms provided by Jacob Muller MBJ type 3 and the MEI INTERNATIONAL type R9500. The absolute novelty is the purchase of satin type machines from the company MEI INTERNATIONAL that can make high quality "Prestige" labels.

In addition, on these machines we can make promotional materials like woven calendars, greetings cards, etc. but also the custom lining with the client's logo. Also as a novelty, the recent acquisitions from WILLY ITALIANA allow cutting the edges of labels and strips with ultrasounds for a very fine cough, laser engraving and printing photos on various types of materials, including leather and imitation leather, cutting on the inner and outer contour.

Starting with 2019, the company is certified by both OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001.

Before launching the order in production, physical samples are made (free of charge) according to the models or technical specifications sent by you (dimensions, number of colors, type of finish, fabric support, etc.).
The minimum order is 1000 pieces of labels, respectively 500 mt personalized textile tape.

SC GENERAL-TEX SRL has in stock polyester yarn in over 500 shades of colors; on request, any color shade can be reproduced.

The polyester yarns used in the production of textile labels are mass-painted and ensure the original colors of each label are preserved and their physical integrity, regardless of the number of washes applied to the product. As a novelty, silk yarn, cotton or polyamide yarn can be used on request.

For leather and imitation leather labels, we work with top suppliers in the field, who deliver high quality leather, with washing properties, especially for the textile industry, in a wide range of colors and finishes (matte or waxed).

The production is made on the basis of firm orders (starting from 1000 pieces per type of label) and the delivery is made within 5 to 10 working days, depending on the quantity ordered.